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I can't begin to say how awesome Mary and Barbara are. They challenged me, but always within my capabilities.

Following major foot reconstruction and a required 3 months of non-weight bearing, I had just weeks to get enough flexibility to be able to not just walk but drive back to my home in Texas and resume an independent lifestyle.

After each session in the pool I could feel definite improvement in mobility. And they adjusted my cardio routine to accommodate my preference to swim laps.

Thanks, Ladies!!!
May 2, 2017


When I started [aquatic therapy], I had great trouble just to walk. With the help of two lovely ladies, Barbara and Laura, I have come back 110%! These two ladies worked with me with such expertise, never letting me slack off, making sure that I was doing my therapy correctly, making sure that I didn’t hurt myself by doing the wrong things, and knowing when I had had enough and needed to quit for the day and go home and rest with plenty of ice. I am a new person with the abilities to do things that I haven’t for years. I have great respect for Barbara and Laura. I have been through so many different therapies through the years and have found that nothing compares to water therapy and of course very good therapists! I will recommend East County Water and Sports Physical Therapy to anybody I know that has injuries requiring therapy! I owe my new found life to Barbara and Laura. Thank you very much!

William W. Goff

I am a 38 year old, active law enforcement professional. After having back surgery in February 2010, the ladies at East County Water and Sports Physical Therapy have been assisting in my recovery. They are patient, professional, and their experience is helping me regain the use of a damaged nerve. I trust them with my health and I thank them for their help!

Donal Hardin

I thank Mary and Barbara for all the help I got during my recovery from a knee replacement. Their cheerful one-on-one treatment/therapy made things less painful and I’m forever thankful for all their help.

Jose Sevilla